The very first
smart sheet mask

The only mask combining nanotechnology,
gentle formulation and unprecedented comfort

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We are introducing a brand new concept of sheet masks. This one really works. Without mess and stress.

The nanofiber transport system activates once in touch with your damp skin, releasing the active ingredients very precisely and effectively. 100% content, in 8 minutes, guaranteed.

Works after just 8 minutes
Dry, feather light and silky smooth to the touch. Say bye to messy sheet masks
Improves penetration of other cosmetic products

A mask that values your time

One of the most common disadvantages of regular sheet masks involves messy and lengthy application. Stains, drops, and traces all over your bathroom - you get the picture. Thanks to nanofibers you can turn your mask ritual into a pleasant experience again.


A mask that actually delivers

The patented nanofiber technology results from six years of researching dermal delivery. The active ingredients are incorporated into and protected inside the tiny nanofibers. They are leased only when the nanofibers adhere to your dampened skin. The nourishment for your skin is transported homogeneously and with maximized bioavailability.

A mask for every skin condition

Regenerate & Revitalize

Anti-aging & Anti-pollution

The ultimate anti-aging and anti-pollution mask. The powerful mix of 7 vitamins boasts both preventative and corrective effects. Well-suited for all skin types and age groups."

Moisturize & Rejuvenate

Tired and pale skin
Our secret weapon for tired and dull looking skin. Two powerful antioxidants and two moisturizing agents will make sure that your skin is in perfect shape in no time.


Irritated and stressed skin
Our soothing and conditioning mask is the perfect option for irritated skin. Have you been using too much product on your skin? In need of a post-treatment solutin? The minimalistic gentle formulation will provide instant comfort and relief.

Main benefits of a dry sheet nanofibre mask

The application takes only 8 minutes
Pleasant and clean handling
Suitable for sensitive skin
Not tested on animals
Almost 100% substance transfer efficiency
No silicones, parabens, acrylics or perfumes

Everyone just loves it

“My skin is sensitive and I am allergic to almost anything, but the mask is super gentle and I’ve never had a problem.”
“My skin feels less dry and seems to have a glow after using the Rejuvenating mask.”
“It looks like my pores shrunk after just one use!”
“I used this mask after a party and it was almost a miracle. Great after a long night of fun!”

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