Is your skin ready
to experience real innovation?

We designed a mask made
of the finest fibers in the world.


The one-of-a-kind nanofibers

These invisible fibers handle active ingredients in a different way than other masks. With nanofibers, the actives are incorporated within their tiny structure and carried and protected until the mask touches your skin. First then they are released from the enormous surface area of the fibers and delivered homogeneously and safely to your skin. Just one of the many perks of nanotechnology.

What makes [n]fibrecare unique?

Wet textile mask Mask [n] fibrecare
Type of effect Short term increase in skin hydration Long-term care, preventive and repairing effect
Average application time 15-30 minutes 8 minutes
Average content of active ingredients 5-10% 15-20%
Step before application Skin cleansing Toning or moisturizing the skin with cream or serum
Step after application Massaging excess serum into the skin None

Up to 20% of active content

Common sheet masks contain almost 90% of water and glycerine along with additives such as fragrances, acrylates, sillicones and other additives that might irritate your skin. In the ]n]fibrecare mask, you will find none of them. We swear by less is more - meaning less ingredients and more effect for your skin.

Done in just 8 minutes!

We understand that your skincare ritual isn`t just about our mask. Therefore, we made sure that it worked quickly. Thanks to our illustrated tutorial card, you will get a smooth experience at the first try.

Main benefits of a dry sheet nanofibre mask

The application takes only 8 minutes
Pleasant and clean handling
Suitable for sensitive skin
Not tested on animals
Almost 100% substance transfer efficiency
No silicones, parabens, acrylics or perfumes

How to apply

  1. Prep your skin
    Cleanse your skin first.
    Then, dampen it generously using lukewarm water.
  2. Unfold and Apply
    Carefully remove the white silky cover layer.
    Apply with the blue side facing outwards.
  3. Wet the mask from outside...
    ...using water or your favourite product
    on a cotton pad. This will make
    the mask adhere better.
  4. Let the mask work for 8 minutes or as convenient
    Just relax and let your mind wander
  5. Remove the mask
    Remove the excess fibers if necessary
    and enjoy your pampered skin

Introducing: our [n]fibrecare champions


Regenerate & Revitalize

Anti-aging & Anti-pollution

The ultimate anti-aging and anti-pollution mask. The powerful mix of 7 vitamins boasts both preventative and corrective effects. Well-suited for all skin types and age groups."

Moisturize & Rejuvenate

Tired and pale skin
Our secret weapon for tired and dull looking skin. Two powerful antioxidants and two moisturizing agents will make sure that your skin is in perfect shape in no time.


Irritated and stressed skin
Our soothing and conditioning mask is the perfect option for irritated skin. Have you been using too much product on your skin? In need of a post-treatment solutin? The minimalistic gentle formulation will provide instant comfort and relief.

Inert Mask

(n)fibrecare is a new concept of the nanofiber dry sheet mask, based on unique nanofiber...

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