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Moisturizing and Rejuvenating TRIO

Revive and awaken tired, pale skin

Treating TRIO

Nurture and soothe irritated, stressed skin

Regenerative and Revitalizing TRIO

Nourish and protect skin from skin-damaging pollution

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A curated collection of 9 masks
Custom Box

Custom Box

25 masks of your choice

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"Application is very easy and fast. The effect was perfect, the skin is hydrated, fresh and smooth good and quality product dry mask."

"The mask is pleasant on the skin, does not burn or irritate, and after washing my skin came really free of pores and overall radiant without drying out. In addition, it has a great design."

"This type of mask attract me because of this unique type of mask - made with nano technology. I was curious about it. After unpacked was application really easy, just moisten your face and then put on the mask. After I took off mask I just washed my face with water and all done. Easy and skin was smooth. Highly recommended!"

“Super hydrating mask with a high level of hydration. Easy to use. Really efficient usage of the mask with a smooth feeling after the use. It’s a fantastic revitalizing mask, easy to use. Leave the skin fresh and smooth. Different from every other mask I’ve tried before.”

"This mask is very pleasant on my face. I can peel off this mask very easily. I have perfect face after application. I feel my face is regenerate. Recommend this mask."