When scientists
happen to love
sheet masks

Meet the [n]fibrecare team

We have been dedicated to nanofiber research for the past ten years. A few years ago, we started focusing on new ways of delivering bioactive molecules to skin. This medical research programme brought some amazing results and we decided to employ it in a way that would benefit all women. Sheet masks were the perfect candidate because we found they lacked differentiation. And so we decided to create our own mask powered by the science of nanotechnology.

About us

We are a team of innovation enthusiasts persuing our passion in making life better with the help of new technologies. We love to improve everyday products in an unexpected way. Sheet masks have been our most favorite yet challenging project so far and we hope that they are going to make a difference in your skincare rituals!


Kateřina Vodseďálková


[n]fibrecare represents a sophisticated skincare brand powered by the smallest technology in the world and an immense appreciation for women. When designing our masks, we thought of our mothers, daughters, friends and role models with the ultimate goal to empower them with a product that respects their desires, values and life journeys. We projected everything we learned into our scientific effort and perfected it until the [n]fibrecare mask was born. This project is very personal and I sincerely hope that when holding one of our mask you will feel something more than with other skincare products.


Lucie Vysloužilová


Turned out, the magical world exists for real, waiting for us to be discovered in nanoscale. And that is what we do. We research. We develop. We are bringing magic to our customers.

Why did we launch [n]fibrecare?

It is no secret - we are big sheet mask fans. But let`s be honest - some masks can turn out to be really disappointing in their performance. We didn`t appreciate some of their features like the messy and dripping manipulation, long application time, irritating ingredients and questionable effect. We wanted more!

Our mission was clear - to create a mask that is dry to the touch, silky smooth and feather light on the skin so that you feel completely relaxed by just holding it. To not make it too easy on us, we added quick application, gentle formulation and one of the most advanced delivery systems to the list of requirements. Many trials later, [n]fibrecare was born to introduce new generation of sheet masks to the community of skincare lovers.


Guarantee of continuous R&D

Our mother company, Nanopharma, is a Czech pioneer of nanotechnology on the global scene. It succeeded in developing artifical organs, soluble patches and sophisticated wound covers, among others. The company works on ambitious innovation projects with some of the most renowned research institutes in the world. Psst - they are currently testing some new amazing additions to the [n]fibrecare portfolio 🙂